Hells Canyon Hike, and it certainly was!

First hike of the season, and I chose a real bugger. 1200' up, then about 500' down. At some point, discretion
being the better part of valor, I elected to cut the hike short and turn around. Good decision. When I got back to
the truck, I could barely walk!

First misstep. Couldn't figure which way to go, it was dark, and 10PM. Time to RON

Next day, beginning the hike. We'll get a lot higher than this before we top out.

Climbing Up

And up.

Old mine. Long past point of utility...

Looking down on Hells Canyon from above.

Here the trail curls around the opposite ridge.

As you can see, by now we've come a long way up. Topped out at 2700' feet or so.

Many places like this... rough going!

A lot of areas were like this... right on the edge. My legs get rubbery just looking at this picture!

Across the way, you can see where the trail cuts through the rock.

Here's where we started back down. It was to do this for a looonnnng ways.

Bottom right in this one is the actual Hells Canyon dam. Only one of three on the Snake River. 3 too many.

In the distance is the trail on its way further down. We actually got past that point.

Next three, just scenery.
On the way back up, trudge, trudge... seemingly forever.

Camping spot second night. Actually it wasn't my first choice. After moving to my 'first choice', two Canadian Geese made so much noise, for so long, that I moved to my 'second choice'. Then they finally settled down. Turns out they were trying to nest in the middle of my 'first choice'.

Flower Pictures, my favorite!