Little Whitewater Drainage, after the Flood!
Wanna Best Possible Workout? Hike Here!

Right down the middle of this was the road... was.

Some of the road left here on the left, but not enough to even ride a 4Wheeler on...
Coffee Bean says, "There was a road here???"

The power of water has to be seen to be believed.

Little road left here on the right... very little.

And these big guys said, "Hey, we ain't movin!!!!"

The one thing that was very noticable this year was the presence of a whole lot more water than I saw before! I'm guessing that the flood dug down to the water level

which exposed the water that had previously been below the surface. The goats weren't sorry, however. Every time I turned around they were 'tanking up'. :-)

Ezra contemplates what it would have been like to be standing here during the flood! Right... fat chance!

On the right is one of the better pieces of the remaining road. A hiking respite for a few feet!

Here, pinched between the hills, the water dug deeper

Ezra says, "Another great 'during the flood' vantage point!" HA!

Lots of trees fininished their growing lifespan here!