The Elk, they's a passin thru -- Winter 2014

The winter is certainly, for the 4th or 5th time, not living up to expectations for snowfall. And so the elk are hanging around a lot longer than
usual. But we love it!

And the goats are wondering, 'Who are these guys? And why are they here in OUR territory??

They're everywhere! They're everywhere!!!

Even inside the horse's electric pen! However, which is not turned on right now!

Why couldn't he have left that garage door open? To the hay?

Oh well, if we can't get to the hay,....

Once again, 'they're everywhere!'

Here one is chomping down on my trees. Hopefully they are big enough to withstand this onslaut.

Too many wild critters... where's my gun!

Here they are right beside the neighbor's house... remembering the garage full of hay!

Blast! He seems to have closed the door!!!!!!!!!