From Pagosa Springs to Durango to Ouray Colorado!
And over some of the most
challenging roads I have seen in 50 years or so of driving.

Chimney Rock
Seeing from a distance what we will be seeing up close and personal shortly

A sort of miniture 'Fly Geyser'. A barely warm spring, constructing a monument of minerals

No we are much more 'up close and personal'.

On the last of the 'down' into Durango, Colorado, Elevation 6512'

How come I'm always stuck in this bloody truck!

A stream clearly being colored by the mounds of tailings here about.

Looking downstream

And the inevitable 'vacation photos'. :-)

Why do men always have to pretend to look like the intrepid explorer? Eh?

Looking over Ouray from above

The hills behind Ouray

For goat owners, and auspiciously named establishment

Ouray in the same genre as Leavenworth, WA; has postured itself as an olde-timey tourist magnet. In other words, a black hole for tourist dollars

Contact: The Hiker... or the Goats!