Day 2
After having bivouacked on the trail on the way into the Ten Lakes Basin, we continued on this morning, expecting to crest the divide into the Ten Lakes Basin,
completely overlooking the fact that the trail continues in one direction, that that is up until you arrive at Ardeth Lake.

On the way even before the sun came up

Now here's a look of unbridled enthusiasm, eh?

Smith Falls, or so says the map. But to get a really good picture, you would have to climb down a very steep bank. In this case, I lacked the enthusiasm

The trail's beautimus in the early morning sun

Sadly, the trail doesn't end, it just goes more and more, up and up!

One of many small waterfalls on this stretch of the river

Hey! It's morning, I'm hungry, and ya gotta take what ya can get!

They don't know it yet, but at this point we are periously close to the lake and... REST!

Ardeth Lake. Beautiful & crystal clear water

and... finally, and a well-deserved rest.

According to Freckles, it is about bloody time!

The younger boys seem to think eating is a bigger priority than resting... at least at this point

For Ezra, anyplace is a good place to rest. To some degree this is due the fact that he is LAZY!

And me without a fishing pole!

Mocha is wanting to figure out just where do we go from here??

Climbing out of Ardeth's basin to the lakes aplenty, above in the cirque

It may only be October, but winter is already attempting to make its inroads

As can be seen, there are lakes all around Ardeth's west and south sides. Our final resting spot for this day
will be the one to the south marked 8845

This and the next 5 pictures, are taken in the area directly to the west of Ardeth

The previous pictures were taken in the area to the top right of this picture where you can just barely see one of the lakes

Lake 8845, the night's campspot, but will only be reached after an overly arduous circuit of the west end of this lake.

One of the many pothole lakes pictured on the Topo, and this one right in back of camping central

Around the corner to the right, and up and over the next ridge, are the Flytrip Lakes, and trip for another time

Think they're tired??

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