Day 3 - Hiking to Emerald Lake & back!
Another grand hike in Idaho!

Early morning at Black Lake, and the anticipation of another great day of hiking

This picture does NOT do this lake justice on this wonderful morning. The lake was perfectly clear, and you could see way out into it. Sun was too low in the sky for taking pictures this direction

Once again through the rockfall

Keeping a good eye on the footing. A GOOD plan!

A goat's motto is, "As you go, don't forget to stop and eat the flowers." :-)

Ezra doesn't look any happier today than he did yesterday. Go figure

The fields above the treeline were ablaze with color

The pothole lake again. However, if you are very clever, you will note that today we are on the east side of it, instead of the west

First glimpse down the Emerald Lake drainage

First glimpse of Emerald Lake itself

Looketh like a long way down from here (it was!)

Just a peek at the small ribbon of a trail that we'll have to climb down to

What little bit of water is flowing out of this drainage is contained in this small creek

Looks like a large mouth ready to take a bite. I think I'll keep my distance

Looking down the lake to the north

Looking down the lake to the south


Looking down the lake to the south again as we journed all the way down the lake to the north end


A rest break back at the point where the switchbacks begin for the top of the ridge. Both of us were really dreading this 700'+ climb, but as it turned out, there was a wonderful cool breeze blowing up this end of the drainage, and it made the climb almost pleasant. Almost.

Another goat truism: "If there's a rock, it MUST be climbed."

Topping out for the last time

A demonstration again of the hardiness of plants. This rock was smack in the center of the trail

The clarity of the water is mind blowing!

Indication of water & minerals coming right out of this rock

Last shot. Leaving in the AM

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