Jennie Lake!
Another grand hike in Idaho! An early-season one to boot! June 9, 2016

The workout begins... this trail goes 'up' for 2000+ feet

For much of the way the trail follows Bear Creek

Heavy runoff at this point since it is only the 1st week of June

After flowing through the woods for a long ways, maybe 3 miles, the trail comes out in a tree-lined meadow

As usual there were some of the residents around who were out encouraging us to take our business elsewhere

Fr. Damien Grout, Rector of the Anglican Church in Alpine, TX

Maxie apprently got a little thirsty on the way up. Not sure about the idea of wandering around in your own drinking water.

Jennie Lake... still hasn't shed itself of winter's blanket

Maxie thinking that he just might catch a bit of lunch... right.

The hills are still 'alive' with the thrill of a cold covering

What it looked like close to the lake. Still had plenty of winter's stored water