First 2016 Fire in Our Immediate Area!
Always a bit of a stressor!

A recommissioned old Navy plane

What it looked like coming up from the south towards the top of the pass
One of the 'bucket boys'
By any other name, a crop duster

Early on, from the vantage point of the hill right behind the house

A bit later on. Note how the fire is creeping like mad up the ridge?

Here's the 'bucket boy' on his way over my position (on top of the hill) coming down from the firefighter base at McCall, ID
It wasn't finished until it had consumed around 4500 acres

More pictures from the local media

One of my favorites. Taken from the 'High Bridge' of a piece of the Mores Creek arm of Lucky Peak reservoir

They threw a lot of equipment at this one. Quite a number of different 'bombers', including one DC-10, which might be the one in the picture directly below