Laurel Falls, Tennessee!
August 17-24, flew to Elizabethton, TN to spend some time with my sister. The first few days I was there it rained and basically emulated
the Pacific Northwest. Finally, for the last two days it went back to Tennessee weather and we were able to get out on this hike. It was
a completely different kind of hiking than my home in Idaho. Damp, lots of green stuff, as well as lichens and fungus more common to a
climatic zone such as this. While I certainly prefer Idaho, it was a refreshing change to what I am used to, and a very pretty falls as well!

Two pictures of the falls, with a little bit of a change in perspective

Little green things growing all over. Looks like the Pacific Northwest off trail as well. I.e., if you wanted to go 'off trail', you'd have to bring a machete. Here we just go wandering.

Lots of granite. The trail in this case skirts this outcropping right at the base and is definitely somewhat dicey.

This little bit of fungus doesn't even look like it is rooted in anything... but it was.

This boy is much bigger than it looks here. In reality it was around 12" across at the base. A real big boy as fungi go!

The decay is so much faster in a damp environment. I loved the looks of these stumps.

Speaking of fungi, this lady was about 8" across. A really decorative item of decay!

That rock in the background is a grande to be sure. Probably registered on the local seismometers when it fell, ya think?

More fungi turning these fallen soldiers back to minerals and future fertilizer.

One of the two bridges on this route.

The fungi took all sorts of sizes and colors!