Winter 2016-2017!

Buildings suffering under the load

The 'mottled' appearance of the snow is due to the snowblower clearing the drive above

The berm on the side of the drive gets taller with every storm

This is as far as the truck would make it the day before. No snow tires here...

Looking SW

Looking NW. Our ski area, Bogus Basin, is at the very top of the LH side of the picture

Here it is obvious that an elk had wandered through

Hey! How do we get outta this chicken outfit!

The newest boys, George and Bogdan, grab hold of the 'high ground'

Hey! this stuff is better'n a chocolate eclair!

Wadda ya mean I got a messy face??

A pre-shovel porch. Cleaning it is a real joy

Those 'hangy' things are NOT a sign of happy weather!