Winter 2016-2017, the Sequel!
The sequel is that it began snowing yesterday morning, snowed all day and all night, leaving 10+" of very wet, very heavy snow, and the
final indignity to the buildings that cannot shed it due to their type of roof construction. What that meant in practical terms, is that I had to spend
approximately 4 hours this morning, attempting to lighten the load on the garage and travel trailer. By the time I was done I was worn to
a bloody frazzle.

It is rather pretty, if you can overlook that you now have to go out and shovel tons of very wet, very heavy 'partly cloudy'.

The garage; nearing carrying capacity... that is how much it can stand before falling down

Car is once again wearing its white blanket

Looking through the doorway out to the deck isn't a pretty picture... there 's a deck here??

Several tons of 'partly cloudy' have slid off the roof onto the deck. Having suffered through several days of 0 degree nights, it has now consolidated into something akin to concrete. It takes a pick and breaker bar to cut through it... ummmm and tons of hard labor.

Probably hard to concieve, but yesterday afternoon, I had completely cleared off the front edge of the deck, and made a path back to the woodshed. At this point, that certainly smacks as wasted effort.

There used to be a small stair there. What happened?

Clueless at this point as to why the deck is even still standing

The side-of-the-house parking lot near the front door. Obviously will be unusable for the foreseeable future!