Crimson Lake, hiking to the lake(s) to the northwest!
Another grand hike in Idaho!

So we travel around Crimson again, looking for a route to the NW lakes.

Here, we've clearly started up. It is unnecessary to say that the footing was marginal!

I love rocks. This one has a message. You get it? Neither did I!

We're getting close!

Turned out, this was a little pothole lake. I got a little off in my navigation, and we missed the target.

But, HEY! It is just over that hill, there!

A last look at the 'pothole lake'.

And the real destination is looking good! Beautiful color, deep and obvious fish!

Hey! There's nothing to eat here!

This is a fairly turbid lake, but the color is breathtaking!

To hell with the color, I want something to EAT!

I loved this little feature. This particular geologic feature allows for the formation of this hill of rocks that cascade down on the snow, and provide this hill in the lake. Incredible!

And another 'Grand Canyon' as the outflow leaves the lake.

And a final multi-colored rock to end the festivities. :-)

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