Crimson Lake... hiking out!
Another grand hike in Idaho!

This little gem of a campspot sits about 3mi from the trailhead, and is right next to the stream.

This old soldier is visible fairly soon after you return to the meadow from the 'great up'

An interesting juxtaposition. The ugly of the burn, and the beauty of the meadow

Lots of evidence of our volcanic past in this drainage.

Flowers are always such good subjects. Hard to have a bad flower picture.

Walking on a trail of this type is gruesome, especially when your feet hurt like the dickens.

There was so little evidence of green, it was doubly difficult not to take pictures of it.

This idyllic little grove was welcome beyond words. I spent hours hiking in the direct sun and petitioning the creator for relief. :-(

A last shot, sort of 'Goodbye to the lava hills, and Crimson Lake'

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