Eagle Cap, Day 2!

Morning, and the last couple of miles to Mirror Lake, the first of many.

The most striking thing about the Eagle Cap is the prevalence of granite ledges.

Curtis taking 'selfies' of his boys since they can't do it.

Dog. Nickname, 'The Reliable' or maybe 'The Devoted'

Mirror Lake, west end.

My kingdom is all I survey! :-)

Curtis' boys.

Meanwhile, Coffee Bean & Mocha are just looking for something good to eat!

Pictures are moving from the west end of the lake to the east end as we progress around the lake on our way to Douglas Lake.

Preparing to say goodbye to Mirror Lake

The granite ledges are everywhere!

Moccasin Lake from up on the ridge before we descend on the trail towards Douglas. The trail actually goes around Moccasin, past the end, over the ridge to the left, then on to Douglas. The trail to Glacier Lake branches off and crosses that small bridge of land in the west end of Moccasin Lake.

Near the east end of Moccasin Lake.

The old mixed with the new.

All over the Eagle Cap are plumes of lava that have certainly pushed up through the pre-existing granite and emerged through weak spots.

One very interesting lava plume that pushed up through a crack in the Eagle Cap itself, and is now flaking off and littering the snowbank below.

Douglas Lake from our campspot.

The very end of Douglas, taken during a late evening walkabout.

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