Eagle Cap, Day 3!

On this day, we decided to tour from Douglas, down to Lee and Horseshoe Lakes, and afterward, trek back to Moccasin. We initially had delusions of actually making it to
Glacier Lake, but by the time we got back to Moccasin, we, and the goats, were out of energy and ready for camping.

Lee Lake. We were both fascinated with this granite shelf that extended into the lake.

Lee Lake from down on the end of the lake.

The mountain ridge between Douglas/Lee/Horseshoe lakes and Ice Lake was striking to say the least.

A really striking campspot situated between Lee and Horseshoe lakes.

The first of the Horseshoe Lake pictures. Horseshoe Lake was photogenic in the extreme.

Selfie time.

A very old soldier that packed it in a long time ago.

Horseshoe Lake

The trail around Horseshoe Lake

The next 4 are all Horseshoe. I just couldn't get enough of this lake.

The lake that was. As it diligently works on becoming a meadow. Got a ways to go, however.

Another bridge. This one across 'not very troubled' waters. :-)

One of the things that all my hiking has done for me, is to make it indelibly clear how completely the entire USFS hiking/trail infrastructure is collapsing into sawdust. All of the trail signage is either not readable, on the ground or supported like this one. Not by the ground, but a plentiful supply of rocks. This one is acceptable. It is the ones that I can't read and leave you wondering, 'where do I go from here' that I find frustrating.

Douglas again. Now we pack up and head for Moccasin.

Moccasin from the east end.

Dog takes an impromptu bath.

Moccasin, west end.

An interesting one... the mountain of many colors.

A lonely soldier guarding the shores of the lake.

Aha! It may not be nice to fool with mother nature, but it is equally unsettling to fool with Ranger Rudy. There were two tents positioned out on this spit of land, center of picture, and then there were none. That because Ranger Rudy had sent them packing. 100' from tent to shore, dat's da rule. And there isn't 100' from one side to the other of this spit of land. I was overjoyed to see them go. It enhanced my picture immensely!

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