Eagle Cap, Day 4, Prospect Lake side trip!

Of course we don't start at Prospect Lake, we are trudging towards it, so this is still Glacier Lake

Beginning the climb, we are looking down at Glacier.

Glacier's now receeding into the distance.

Always time for a flower picture, even with the precarious footing I'm now experiencing.

Believe it or not, this is NOT Glacier Lake, but a beautiful little lake above it, and a great camping place away from the thundering hordes.

Starting the climb up to the divide between Glacier and Prospect.

Just coming over the 300' divide here. Prospect is in the distance.

Prospect, hard to get to, hard to leave.

On our way back, a view of the lake above Glacier.

The small upper lake, with Glacier beyond.

Of course Coffee Bean is asking, so what's so hard about this? That said as I am struggling down this steep and lousy footing incline.

See, this is child's play!

Camped on that point of land once a few years back.

One of the other transients.

Curtis fishes, while his boys chill.

Back at camp, my boys are resting from their labors.

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