Middle Fork Boise River, Day 3!
Another grand hike in Idaho!

Looks the same as last night... only colder!

The delightful camping area... inside the refrigerator. At least that's the way it felt.

The plastic is my ground cloth. I took about a pound of forest home with me because it was sticking to the back of the cloth due to the wet conditions

George is saying, "Just why did we do so much work to get here?"

Things are looking up as the sun continues its plod up. Still doesn't feel much better!

Looks warm here, eh? Wasn't. Warm temps would be a while in arriving.

Just one of the 5 stream crossings. They look different, felt the same. Remembering that the current here is strong, and the rocks slippery.

This one was without explanation. A hammock, hanging streamside from the roots of a fallen tree. Why was it here? Who put it up? And why, period? Who knows?

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