Sleeping Deer, Day 2!

The first of the West Fork Lakes... a real gem eh? Maybe a diamond in the rough?

The second & largest of the West Fork Lakes. We did not visit the others. It was about a 600' rise to get back out of this bowl to Woodtick summit.

Matt's boys arguing over this wonderful pine tree.

On the way back up and out.

One of the shallow West Fork Lakes seen from above.

Looking back at the same lake after summiting the ridge.

Top of the ridge.

The springs and beginning of Woodtick Creek as seen from the top of Woodtick summit.

The flora coming down off of Woodtick summit.

Last night's campsite as seen coming down from Woodtick ridge & summit.

A delightful little meadow.

The lightning-caused Ibex fire pluming in the afternoon

The smoke got so bad the afternoon before we left, that the sun was reduced to this.

Sleeping Deer lookout. Not sure what happened to the window covers on this side.

Matt & his boys on the way out behind my guys.

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