The 10 Lake Basin!, Sept 12-15, 2018
Another grand hike in Idaho!

This was the fulfillment of a long awaited jaunt to this location. It eventually amounted to 59 miles in 5 days, and covered a whole lot of territory
in the Sawtooths Wilderness. It also took a very unpleasant turn in that on my way out to the TH, my boy Bogdan disappeared stage left. I returned
to Boise with a very heavy heart, but made flyers and went back to post them as well as to inform anybody that would listen that I wanted him
back. Believe it or not, he surfaced 1 day short of 2 weeks later, brought out of the wilderness by a backpacker, Gabe Welz. I can't say enough
good about this wonderful gentleman, that he would take the time to help out this boy, get his gear back on him, and walk him all the way to to the TH.
The full story will be in the winter 2018 edition of Goat Tracks magazine. Contact me for a magazine copy at the link on the bottom of this page.
Another thing to remember here, is that not only is the sun low in the sky this time of year, but I had a lot of 'white' sky on this trip, which more or less puts bright colors in the bag.

Gabe Welz, & companion Jamie. Gabe is heretofore to be known as Goat Rescuer Extraordinaire!

A PDF of this Hike is Available at This Link
The Miracle Goat Story Begins on Page 3

The Wide View
The Smaller View

The two boys on this trip, George...

and Bogdan

Fern Falls

Elk Lake

Virginia Lake

Edna Lake

Vernon Lake

Ardeth Lake

The 10 Lakes Basin

Spangle-Ingeborg-Rock Island-Little Spangle Lakes

Benedict Lake

The last campsite for this trip... on the opposite side of the river

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