Baker-Castle Lakes! Aug 22-24, 2018
Another grand hike in Idaho!

On this hike, I accompanied Karen Bean, a Western Washington beekeeper, and contributor to Goat Tracks magazine, into the White Clouds. My intention was to hike in with her for a couple
of days, then depart out and then she could go on my herself. As it was, I was with her for about 3 days, and she spent the better part of two weeks.

Karen Bean, my hiking partner for this jaunt.
Past the Boulder Lake Basin Turn-off but with a long way to go!

The White Clouds Mountains

Frog Lakes ahead on our way

Coffee-Bean in his normal position in the line... right behind me

Well, hurry up!

The larger Frog Lake

Willow Lake, crossed on the trail to Baker Lake

The boys taking a well-earned rest break

One of Karen's boys... none of them were too good with the stream crossings

Local denizen and trail monitor

Are we there yet?!

The last time I was across this bridge, at the outlet of Baker Lake, it was in reasonably good condition. Certainly not now.

Somewhere in the haze ahead is Castle Lake. It is notoriously difficult to get to, and suffice to say, we didn't make it!

Baker Lake as it is now, on its way back to a meadow. About 1/8th of its original size.

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