Bear Valley Hot Spring!
This hot springs has been one of my favorite spots for over 25 years. I am losing my love for this location however, as the red mites
in the spring water are doing more and more damage to my skin each successive trip. I love the spring, but I hate the itching and sores
that go hand in hand with each visit.

We were a little late getting in here this year, and so we had to contend with snow in some portions of the trail

The top of this local ridge remained frosted for the entire 3 days we were there

It is a bit of a grunt coming up outta the HS and up to the trail. Hiking partner is 'slow going'.

Bogdan and George are noting, 'What's the big deal. Piece of cake!'

Not near so much water now, eh?

Notice the rock was almost covered during my spring trip.

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