A Foothills Loop Hike!
A likely last-time effort (this year) in the hills behind the house.
Turned out to be a super grunt, but as usual the goats didn't seem to have any difficulty whatsoever.

Fall colors were/are spectacular

This particular drainage is called Voquelin Gulch. No, it's not important, but it will be on the test!

Looking down Voquelin Gulch to the flats where the cancer of more and more houses is growing expotentially

At this point we had topped out at 5650', and Maxie was tired!

The drainage in this picture is called Mack's Creek and is one that I have hiked right up to below where we are standing.

This little field area right below us showed definite signs of 4-wheeler activity. Don't know for sure how their got there, but it must have been up Mack's Creek drainage

A small piece of Arrowrock reservoir

And here a piece of Lucky Peak reservoir.

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