Jennie Lake!
Another grand hike in Idaho!
However, finally approaching the lake in question, 'grand hike' was not what I was thinking. It was more along the lines
of, "What was I thinking?" Turns out, a few inches of snow on the trail increases the difficulty of hiking well beyond what I would have ever imagined.
Nearing our destination, I was questioning my ability to actually make it. That doesn't happen to me very bloody often.

These pictures are not meant to be scenic, just to document the trip, as the weather was not cooperating. Also remember that this is the area of the Pioneer fire in 2016 and
the destruction from that 190,000 acre conflagration is much in evidence in this area.

Getting started... UP, and continually up would be the norm for the next 5 miles

As we motored on, the snow got progressively deeper. Nearing the lake, 4-6"

One of our hiking companions... a fox or coyote, methinks.

It's cold in them thar hills

At about the 3.5 mile point, the trail emerges from the forest, or what's left of it, onto a wide spot in the cirque, and a meadow

Finally, the lake, or a semblance of it. It has already begun to freeze over, and the recent snow is mixed in with the ice.

All good things must come to an end, and so we started back down. The main reason for our departure was the fact that sitting there by the lake in the sun, it was reasonably comfortable. The clouds covered the sun, the wind cranked up, and it was bloody cold!

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