Driving the Middle Fork of the Boise River!
Going up the drainage, the Boise River goes up to Lucky Peak dam, in the middle of this reservior it splits and the south fork goes up
to Anderson Ranch Dam, the Middle Fork goes up through Arrowrock Reservoir, up into the interior of Idaho predominantly in the
Boise National Forest, eventually through the small and very primitive town of Atlanta, Idaho. From there it goes up into the Sawtooth
Wilderness, eventually becoming the drainage for Flytrip and Spangle Lakes. These pictures were taken along the road that goes from
Atlanta to ID21, and thence to Boise.

This river like nearly all the water in this part of Idaho, has a very distinctive turquoise tint. It is very faint except where the water deepens, and then adds a beautiful bit of color to this ultra pure and pristine water.

One of the many hot springs along this road. This is not a good picture as it is larger than it appears in this rendition. It also comes out of the ground in excess of 140 degrees. If you want to soak in this one, you must built an enclosure of rock, and line it with plastic.

This hot spring is one of the very best there is. Perfect temperature, sandy bottom, and no red mites, at least in my experience.

A beautiful spot along the river in the area of Troutdale Campground.

Similar picture to the one above, but I liked it too much to leave it out.

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