Sawtooth Lake & Surrounds!
On this one we intended to hike from the Iron Creek TH near Stanley, but when we arrived at the TH, there were at a minimum, 40+ cars in the parking lot.
That is NOT my idea of wonderful hiking, and the goats don't do well with that kind of trail-density, so we turned around and went all the way back to Granjean
to get on with our hiking. What that meant is 1000' more altitude to conquer, and more heat at the beginning and end of the hike. But FAR less company. That
is good. So what we did was hike up the Baron Creek drainage, go left up the north fork Baron Creek trail to Sawtooth Lake, from Sawtooth Lake up and over
the pass to the McGown Lakes drainage, down to Trail Creek Lakes, then on down back to Grandjean. A distance of about 25 miles.




Contact: The Hiker... or the Goats!