Baldwin Lake

The hike to this lake was done as a result of Bob Hultz contacting me via my website and suggesting a hike into this obscure lake. Always ready to go hiking, plans were made and away we went. The rub? It was a steep climb up to the top of the ridge, and an even steeper descent to the lake. On the way back up and out of the lake, my dog Maxie gave signs that he was going to pack it in, long before we reached the top of the ridge. It took a lot of coaxing to get him to complete the hike to the top. No more hiking for doggie!

Looking down... with a palpitating heart ;-)

Bob huffing down the lower section of this hill

Bob & his dog, Louie

Louie is a bonified water-dog. Here he is saying, "I'll just wait right here."

Bob caught a lot of fish... while I flailed the water to a froth

Maxie waiting patiently while I snacked on lunch

This picture gives a better idea of the steepness of this hike

This is the point where Maxie is saying, "Thank you, but I've had all the fun I care to squeeze out of this." Since I had no leash along, I got him to the top by tying one sleeve of my sweatshirt to his collar, and holding onto the end of the other sleeve, while gently trying to coax him along. It worked as long as I gave him a good long break between each 6 to 8 feet of progress

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