Pine Burl Hot Spring!
Another grand hike in Idaho!
A masterfully designed and buit pool well into the Boise NF. One point of interest is that the
hot spring is named for a tree that stood over it that had a large pine burl in about the middle of a 30-40 foot tree. The ravages of time, however,
caught up with the tree, and it is now lying in repose on the ground along with its burl.

This is also another location, like Bear Valley hot spring, that, at least on the 'official' trail, crosses the river (twice) on the way to
the spring. All well and good in the fall, but in the spring, and/or the early summer, it is only crossable if you backpacked in your kayak,
as it is running deep and fast, and only suitable for crossing if you make a practice of tempting the Lord to take you home.

Boiling Hot Springs, Just after leaving the TH

The trail in

The main event as it were. The two pipes on the right are the hot and cold regulators, and on the left (out of the picture) is a 4" ABS pipe for draining the pool. By keeping the pool drained except during use, there is no algae buildup in this one.

From the upper end of the pool

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