Pine Burl Hot Spring
Deja Vu all over again, and a repeat of this Spring's adventure, same locale. This hot spring is a hot springer's delight. The pool has been fashioned by
some talented soul, and features hot and cold input valves so you can regulate the temperature of the pool to your heart's desire. The hot spring in
question sits on Dash Creek just a short ways off the Middle Fork of the Payette River

Boiling Hot Springs Movie #1 Boiling Hot Springs Movie #2

Middle Fork of the Payette River right after the crossing to the east side

Dash Creek right next to the large camping area

Home sweet home... at least for a couple of nights

The large firepit tells you that this is a fairly heavily traveled area. The garbage at the right side of the picture came out of the firepit, and was carried out by us, meaning 'us goats' :-)

The main event. This hot spring, which comes out of the ground somewhere around 180 degrees, is the northernmost hot spring in this area that is loaded with springs

The hill pictured is across Dash Creek from the trail, and the dark spots are all hot water seeps

This is the other mail soaker, although it is nowhere near the quality experience that the main event is. It is called Moondipper, and is usually silted up, has to be cleaned up before use, and is nowhere near as deep as #1

The Middle Fork Payette River, right near where Dash Creek joins it

Self explanatory... the worker bees

The crossing back over to the west side of the Payette River. BTW: These crossings are only doable in the latter part of the summer. In the Spring trip to Pine Burl, we had to remain on the west side of the Payette on an absolutely brutal trail

Closer to the other side...

Goats least favorite activity... wading. Bogdan is taking a taste to see if it is worth drinking. Hey! As long as I gotta wade in this freezing stuff, I might as well take a drink!

Looking downstream

Just before the last crossing

The southernmost crossing back to the west side

Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly George. He must have been a Boy Scout

Coffee Bean is once again asking the operative question, "How do I get outta this chicken outfit!"

Boiling Hot Springs. This one is right at the trailhead. The very plentiful outlet is on the left side of the picture. The black algae tells you that this one is near boiling temps

In the boiling springs complex, this one is a very significant outlet and boiling hot as well. It is hard to spot, but is at the top, middle part of this picture

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