Snowshoing, March 20, 2019!
This one took place at what is called Beaver Creek! The trailhead is just up ID21 from the Banner Ridge
and at the point where the road actually does cross Banner Ridge. As you can see from the pictures, there
is a yurt there that is occupied pretty much constantly. As you will also see, the snow depth marker noted
that there was a little over 5 feet of snow at the top of this ridge. And that is snow that has thoroughly
consolidated, meaning the actual snowfall was much greater than 5 feet.

Looking north

Glorious Leader, without which I would not have been able to do any of this year's snowshoe jaunts, Steve Henline

Steve is also my group's leader in Bible Study Fellowship

A selfie (Yes, I know you knew that) I am not normally real big into selfies, but I suppose now and then is OK ;-)

North again...

To the west

West again...

Looking to the southwest

The skiers have been working this area to death

The yurt from 'on high'



Starting back down. We had gained 600' of altitude I believe

Snowshoeing back down was a lot harder than skiing would have been :-)

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