Ten Mile Hot Spring!
Another grand hike in Idaho! This one is a fairly short jaunt, and largely off the radar for many. Spring 2017 the creek got out of sorts
and completely wiped the pools that the soakers had built off the map. The hot spring itself was also affected, as for a time, it was only
tepid, and it had been one of the hotter spring sources. Someone has rebuilt a small pool and it was a reasonably good soak.

Old bridge washed away at flood. New bridge is nice as this creek can quickly become uncrossable

The hike follows what used to be a road to a mine. Fortunately, one of the creeks common floods wiped out the crossing, so now the trail is obligatory

This was taken at the end of the 2017 'excess water' event. The pool would have been right at the end of the large rock on the right. It has now been rebuilt

A look downstream towards the TH, just before tent-entering time.

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