Forth of July & Washington Lakes!
This group of lakes wasn't initially on the agenda, but things happen, and plans change, so off to Washington we go, passing by 4th of July
on the way. This is a short hike, about 3 miles one way, but we were late getting on the trail, and almost everyone we ran into wanted to
ask questions about the goats, so getting to the Washington Lake campsite was late again. Weather was not compatible for pictures that evening,
so the pictures below were from the next morning, which dawned bright, clear and spectacular.

Incidentally, we had deer for company, no campmates anywhere around, so this became the prettiest and best campout for the week.

Looking northwest the next morning.

I seem to have captured one of the ever-present mosquitoes in this one

This is a pothole above both 4th of July & Washington

Coffee Bean takes a thirst-break

4th of July

A small stream on the trail out below 4th of July