Bernard Lake, 1st Hike in 2020
Bernard Lake is always a difficult hike. The official trail is a real loser, and any other means of access is off-trail and a real grunt as it is always in a burn area. On
this particular day, we were hiking in, and hiking back out, and in spite of the fact that is only 6 miles total, I was tired beyond words. I began to have
charlie horses while I was still walking near the end of the hike.

An interesting plot of our routes as well as the planned route in Red. Sadly the altitudes do not come out as clear as I would like. Also, G-Earth appears to be limiting
the colors in consideration of bandwidth issues, so it never looks as colorful, or as detailed as I would like.

Crane Meadow. This meadow is what was once a lake and is still a swamp

Bernard Lake, home to some really big fish... and very low fishing pressure. Center is Bernard Mountain

Looking down the east side of the lake

Looking down the west side

Fishing/hiking buddy for this trip, Bob Hultz


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