Another Grand Hike
Harve Gulch. This hike leads you down through the drainage, then through a short but fascinating slot canyon, to the San Francisco river. Or what would be the river should a cup or two of water would
stumble along. What is exceptionally fascinating is that a couple of miles down this drainage, the river is running quite strong, so much so that you have to look for a wider, shallower place to cross. Here?
Only a draigage waiting to return to its former glory.

On this hike we chose to hike down the drainage (south). Next hike will be the other direction

Go a ways down and the river turns abruptly west, pushed there by these lava cliffs

At this point we've turned west and noted that a half mile down the drainage the river turns again to the south

And here a tree with a very bad sense of where to build its house. It is presently cracking the foundation with its roots

Maxie likes the tree and wonder why I would question the neighborhood :-)

Here we are nearing the turn to the south, and our turn back to the TH

Along the way we came upon this casualty of the tooth and claw world. It must have been a massive elk

Sister Sal again posing with a friend :-)

I am especially fascinated by the part of this and other rocks where they end up looking like a sponge

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