Another Grand Hike
Hiking Harve Gulch, looking for the spring that brings the San Francisco River back to life, as for a long ways in the general Glenwood area, it is drier than a bone.
It has to have some pretty substantial springs feeding it downstream of Glenwood, as by the time it gets down into the area around the San Francisco Hot Springs, it is cooking
right along. On this hike, after to get down to the SF River, you are hiking in a wide slot canyon, with incredible views of geologic topography rising on either side. Not a great
place to be should a flash flood come visiting. The spring, however, remained elusive. Its discovery must remain for another time.

Getting started down the drainage, looking west

Looking north

Further down the drainage, looking west again

Looking northwest

Finally, after a very long way, maybe 2 miles, the water begins to leak out of the riverbed

The flow is only a trickle in spite of what the next couple of pictures look like

Went down to the next corner that you can see in this picture. Looking down it was more of the same. Time to go home

Coffee Bean is noting... this is a river??

This piece of rock was so very interesting from a geologic standpoint. It looks like a bowl. It isn't as easy to see in the picture, but the strata lines bend up on either side. Granite is so much more fluid that it appears.

Some critter has decided that this would make and excellent home. Apparently it does.

Not so obvious from the pictures, as the sun was shining through high thin clouds today, and you lose a lot of color in that scenario. This side of this rock was very red. The other? Very black. What?

No water anywhere around this area. Except for right here in the shadow of this rock. Amazing.

This is a plant called a Sotol. There is nothing in this picture to give it perspective, but this is unquestionably the largest one I have ever seen. The stalk has to be 5 to 6 inches through.

Sometimes I cannot believe what I am seeing in the geology of this area of New Mexico. Decoreated by our creator I'm thinking.

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