Another Grand Hike
Rain Creek. For the third time, we attempted to access this stream in the Gila Wilderness. For various reasons, explained in the other posts, same subject,
we didn't actually make it to the creek. As should be obvious, this time we did, and found it to be still flowing, and very photogenic. After crossing the
stream, we hiked up the trail maybe 1/4 mile, and found an almost perfect campsite. And as well a firepit without one piece of garbage such as aluminum
cans, etc. That was a first.

The creek is still flowing, albiet a bit slow after months of sun/warm

The trail is clear and well defined, in spite of the 'no trail maintenance' sign at the trailhead

The rock outcroppings are an endless source of fascination

Maxie, still cornering every smell and noise, no matter how small

Fungi, and yes I know, who in the world wants to look at a picture of fungi? Apparently I do. :-)

This one was beyond interesting. Across the creek from the campground previously mentioned, was this giant opening in the wall. Turned out of be a drainage of sorts. But entirely of granite, as can be seen in the picture to the left. And the granite continued on up the drainage as far as you could see.



A last look at the creek as we trundled back up the trail towards the magic carpet

The next 3 pictures are just an exercise in creative photography

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