A Not So Great Hike Either, but Better than on Sunday
Decided to take another shot at getting down to Rain Creek. Seemed like it might be a good day for it, sunny, somewhat chilly temperatures. So we loaded up the goats, which took a bit longer
than normal, as George took one look at the trailer and said, Uh uh, no, no, not that bloody bouncy trailer again. I'm still bouncing inside from the last time. But he eventually went in after a modicum
of encouragement. Meaning, I'm bigger than you and you're gonna do this... on top of that, I'm da man. Took a bit over an hour and a half to get to the trailhead, and even before setting one
foot down the trail it is patently obvious that we are a bit late to begin a venture of this kind. But as they say, common sense ain't too bloody common, and down the trail we go. About a mile
into this foolishness, it was beginning to get markedly chillier, the trail & the sun were both going down and we still hadn't arrived at the creek. Also I was beginning to be concerned about my sister's ability
to get back up the the TH in a reasonable amount of time. So, grabbing the leadership reins, I declared: "Time to turn around!" Which we did. Arriving back at the TH in more or less minimal time, it became
obvious that I shouldn't have worried. In spite of coming from a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, and not having spent much time walking/hiking/exercising for more than the 6 months or so since she came to live
with me, she amazed me to the degree she just plugged along and made it to the top just behind me. Her weight loss and performance improvement is nothing short of remarkable.

First picture occurred well before trailhead arrival. Sister and I were both intrigued by this large cave in the granite
At the beginning, right down the trail a short ways

Looking south at the Rain Creek drainage after it exits the mountains and into the foothills

The trail follows the edge of the ridge east and then turns north and descends to the creek

Haystack Mountain in the distance

At this point, Maxie is noting, 'Hey, times a'wastin!'

When I was first here, I was told that only Mineral Creek, the Gila River and San Francisco River had water in them for the full year. Looks pretty damp down in that drainage does it not?

Maxie wonders, "What was that I just heard?"

This entire area has plumes of rock sticking out of the ground. Makes it fascinating from a geologists viewpoint

George is thinking, 'Well, I've squeezed 'bout as much fun as I can out of all this

On the way out, goats grabbing the last few nibbles

One last shot of the mountains as we motor towards home

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