Another Grand Hike
San Francisco Hot Springs oddly enough, sits aside the San Francisco river. On a scale of 1 to 10, it is about a 3 as hot springs go. The trail is not long, maybe 1.5 miles, but it is a bit rocky and a bit difficult. Go here for the beauty
of the surrounds, not for the hot spring. It just isn't worth the effort. All you can really warm up are your cheeks.

Near the TH, where the trail begins its downward trek to the river

Down, down. It's down all the way to the river

Maxie is always way ahead scouting for the elusive 'critter', which he never manages to catch

Sister Sal, scouting for attractive rocks. No shortage of rocks here.

The massive flood plain that lies in this valley

Where the trail gets serious about getting down to the river. Tough walking, this

Getting near down to the river. Trees are beautiful in their autumn finery

Maxie takes a selfie :-)

There were three pools along the river, east to west. This was the first, it was gucky and tepid

This drainage ran between #1 & #2

This tree is an addition to the decor since I was here last. This is pool #2 and the only one with a good, near 100 degree temperature. The rub here is that about all you can do in these pools is get the maximus warm

#2 from the west side of the downfall

And finally, #3. Someone has put in considerable time building this pool, but it is only tepid as well.

All good things must come to an end. Last picture looking east before heading back out

A man size anthill. One can only marvel at the time and # of trips it took to build this condo

Should have been a geologist. I love rocks. I found the striations on this boulder fascinating. Shades of glaciation

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