The Catwalk Trail
Hiking up a slot canyon on a historical suspended trail

Parking and looking at beginning of the Catwalk trail

A short ways up the trail, the trail splits and becomes a loop

Mary Young and Maxie the Wonder Dog

At this point the trail hugs the canyon wall well above the river

On up the trail

Mary and Maxie on another photo op :-)

Looking up the canyon

After traveling along the canyon wall, the trail joins the elevated section of the Catwalk

An incredible amount of work and steel went into suspending this on the wall

Mary from the other side of the loop

The last accessible bridge. Right now the upper part of the trail is closed

The rocks that have fallen are immense

Whitewater Creek is running a bit higher than normal right now due to spring snow

The picture does not do this rock justice, It is simply immense, and apparently fallen from above

Mary navigates the wet section :-)d

Looking back down towards the trail beginning

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