Hiking the Gold Dust Trail, Glenwood, NM

Climbing up to the top of the ridge

In the distance, the San Francisco Mountains

The trail to the top of the ridge after it turns 180 degrees and heads south

No name mountain, top of Gold Dust Ridge, 6365'

Looking back at Whitewater Mesa, SSE

The trail continues upstream, E

This little tree, growing, it appears, right out of the rock, resembles a Japanese Bonsai

Most of these have already done their flowering thing, but this one was exceptionally tall, and beautiful

Maxie, the wonder dog. He gets exceptionally excited when he sees us putting on our hiking clothes, but I am afraid that age is overtaking him. He was quite tired long before we finished this hike, and today he is clearly resting up

Finally, we reach the creek. Very little sun gets down into this very steep canyon this time of year. What you see in this picture disappeared very soon after I took this picture.

Maxie did more and more rest breaks as the trail wore on. Fortunately sister doesn't hike as rapidly as I do so he had plenty of opportunity to rest up

This is the best NM can do for an arch. :-) It could only be seen downtrail.

A closer shot of the arch. It was quite large when you got close to it

In the late afternoon sun the colors get very rich and more beautiful

Dressed in its fall colors, this bush prepares to undress

Just about back to the ridge, the trail down to the chariot, and an end to a wonderful day