A Hike Down Harve Gulch
Have hiked this one several times before but have always gone down the drainage in the downstream direction. Today, decided to finally explore upstream. The rub here is that
unlike the previous times I have hiked this area, now it is much later in the year. And the day in question was much hotter than I was expecting. This little detail didn't manifest
itself until after we had started back down the drainage, and noticed the dog dancing around on the sand, and realized that the sand and rocks were hot enough to be painful
on his little paws. What to do? Ended up running from shady spot to shady spot, and encouraging him to take refuge with me all the way out of this area. When we got back to
the truck, discovered that it was 95 degrees today. Ugh!

This sentinal guards the canyon. Tread lightly here says he...

Picture is the result of my fascination with geology, of which there is plenty here to be fascinated with

Maxie gazes down the slot canyon and notes, "Doesn't look that difficult to me!"

The choke point. Doesn't look as intimidating here as it actually is. Getting up this one is only good if you have a degree in freeclimbing.

Looking down the slot from the choke point

Where it begins to open up

This gentleman is quite green considering that it is in an area that hasn't seen water in many a moon

Granite soldiers marching down the drainage

Where the Harve Gulch drainage meets the San Francisco River. And yes, I know there isn't really a river there, but there is at times, and there is further down the drainage. Where does it come from? I have no idea.

Looking down the drainage in the direction of our normal travels

Another citizen scratching out a living where it couldn't be more difficult

Heading up the drainage

I am particularly fond of the red colored rocks. They come in a multiplicity of shades

Another sentinal. This time guarding the entrance to the cave above

The cave in question. Must have been carved out by water, or excessively industrious ants.

In all this strata, this grey whatever-it-is type of rock pushed its nose out for inspection

Three different kinds of strata in one little section of the riverbed

This one is an example of one of the deepest shades of red strata

Almost back to the Harve Gulch intersection

Back at the choke point

The lichens have really taken over this rock. In a billion or two it will be reduced to a grain of sand :-)

Maxie doesn't look quite so confident at this point. Not only are his feet hurting, but he is tired as heck!