A Hike Around the Langer Lakes Basin
Have hiked this one a number of times before, but this time it was a new day as you will see by the pictures

The reason that the hike did not begin at the TH is because there was no parking at the TH and I had to go 1/4 mile further to park and had to bushwhack over to the trail

Going up for the first 2+ miles you transit a very old burn

The fairly well-used trail that leads into Langer, the first lake you come to

The hiker... no 'selfie-sticks' here

Langer Lake, looking west

A small pothole lake, usually before has had at least some water in it

Hiking to the top of the ridge that leads to 'Moon' and Finger Lakes. Ruffnect LO at the top of this mountain

The trail that leads to the top of the ridge

Moon Lake, such as I have never seen it before. Where'd the water go?

What it looked like before, and with a primo fishery as well. Now?

Island Lake, in Langer Lakes Basin. Where'd the water go? This lake extends clear back and up to the mountains on the horizon

This is what it looked like in 2019

I love rocks

Ruffneck Lake

This is a lake that sits right below Ruffneck Lake. I had never seen it before. I have now. :-)

The goats would have loved these rocks