A Hike Up Little Dry Creek... and it is! :-)
Have hiked this a couple of times before but during the winter period before the greenry comes out. Suffice to say that this trail is less than ideal. At one point after you pass the
old prospector's cabin, the trail (such as it is) crosses a steep talus slide, and every step causes the rocks to begin moving down the hill, taking you with them. It was a hoot watching
the goats try to pass this point. Hiking partner, my sister, decided that today was not a good day to tempt fate and therefore this was as far as she was going. Justifiably so, I might add.

Maxie is out front saying, "Come on, we got hiking to do!"

It is somewhat remarkable that the mountains in the distance are so clear, i.e., that is so little haze

These boys are not much as hoodoos go, but they pop out of the hill here, and nowhere else

George is a hoot. He wants his 'family' to remain together. At one point, when sister went aside to... um... relieve herself, George stopped midway between where I was and where she went and said, "I ain't goin no further until she comes back!

The lichens have seemingly ganged up on this particular rock

Some of this area burned in the recent past, which is why some of the trees look a bit scraggely

There was no water in this drainage where we first crossed it, but further up there was this little trickle.

These wild roses were plentiful. Stickery, but preferable to the poison whatever-it-was. Sumac, Ivy or maybe Oak.

A lot of flowers. That is in part due to the fact that there is a lot of shade in this drainage

Ahhh... yes, the old prospector's house. Which now is a trashed, vandalized, rodent-ized mess. Ugh!

Not much you can say here that is better than just the flowers themselves

One of many little pools. Looked a lot better through my sunglasses which see through the glare. :-)

Maxie is always ready to take a break (as well as hoping for a piece of one of our sandwiches)

Another one of the boys that has chosen a very poor place to set up housekeeping

On the way back out. It is incredible that it can be this clear on a 90+ degree day... but it is