Another Hike as Well as Some RV'ing
This one took us to Luna Lake, AZ

Quite late afternoon on the 12th. Luna Lake is an impounded lake in a state with precious few lakes at all

Towards the east end of the lake was this spit of land, which as you can see, was very popular with the local birds

This was a very pretty boy that was busy grooming himself as I was taking pictures

Senor Big Boy was busy grooming... not sure what his campanion was up to?

The wingspan on these birds when they took off or were landing was immense

The rest of the boys...

Right after this they all got together and decided that I was waaay too close (at least 1/8th of a mile), and winged off for more lonely locales.

The next morning, looking west. Those buoys, there were 4 of them, marked the points where they were aerating the lake in an attempt to limit the algae. It wasn't working well.