Marten & Kelly Lakes, ID
These are two that I have hiked to before, but two that I thought would be a good introducion to an overnight for my sister

This is a result of the Trap Creek fire of 2020. The damage from the fire goes about 1 mile up the trail

The trailhead, if you can believe it. And what's left of the 'Intro' board at the TH

The coterie of not-so-wildlife. The minature dachshund is my sisters. He made it all the way on those short little legs

About where you run out of burn

Marten Lake, 2006

Marten Lake, considerably filled in since I was here in 2006

Kelly Lake, 2006

Kelly Lake, 2021

One of the many small streams to cross

She may have followed us all 6+ miles, but she is a tuckered dog now. :-)