Mineral Creek, Alma, New Mexico
The Mineral Creek hike travels up a slot canyon for about 2 miles to the location of an old mill of some sort. At the point where it comes out of the slot there is a camping spot
that is also a great place to have lunch before turning around and heading back to the trailhead. This is not a ideal, easy walk, but in many cases a rock scramble and a trip with
sometimes very dicey footing. It is a photogs paradise.

I particularly like this small area of red rock sandwiched in between all the other areas of granite

Maxie, in spite of being a 'senior citizen', squeezes all the exploration and fun he can out of these hikes

And yes, we had the goats with us today. The goats operate on the 'eat til you drop' philosophy

A beautiful lunch location, and for the goats, plenty to eat

Interesting that there is water coming out of the hill this far down in the rockc

Interesting that this one hoodoo is pushed out so far from the hill where it originated

I've always been fascinated with the size of the rocks that get embedded in the roots of large trees