Another try at the Gila Wilderness' Rain Creek Trail

We had taken this trail with the full knowledge that there were supposed to be thunderstorm activity later in the day, 3pm or after to be specific. In view of that, we were on our way out around 1:30.

Plenty of a time cushion, eh? Maybe not so much. As we were about 3/4 of the way back to the trailhead I looked behind us and noted to Sally, "Hey? looked behind you recently?"

She replied, "Hmm, black!" And so it was. Soon after, the sky began to rumble frequently. As I was nearing the trailhead, I was bent over taking a picture of some flower, and


I never saw the lightning, but the thunder was deafening enough to make it patently clear that we were in harm's way. I yelled at Sally, “We need to get up to the top NOW! And we did. Maybe no more bloody hiking during the monsoon period!"

Getting started down the trail into the drainage (Yeah, I know it doesn't look like down here, but that's temporary)

An impressive drainage, to be sure

Never touch this pretty little purple flower(?). That is unless you like dozens of tiny little slivers. It's got 'em.

It seems that this little(?) granite promontory has lost its grip on its bottom half

This one is interesting. Hard to see from here, but the live tree is growing up in a 'Y' shape, and the dead one has collapsed into the 'Y' as a semi-permanent resting place

Actually this is the trail back out

The dog taking a rest break during our lunch break... which he would love to be a part of as well

Found this rock interesting because of the two bright turquoise spots on it

If there's water, he's in it!

And, of course, you can't go into the water without taking a taste

Normally, this creek is just a step-over. But not during the monsoon

One of the many flowers along the trail. The woods are ablaze with flowers due to the frequent rains right now

I particularly like this little orange one

On the way in about 1/2 down the trail

One of the creek's small tributaries

The clouds were a'gatherin

A clump of grass and a small barrell cactus seem to be competing for space
Trail hazards

This one says, "Watchout!"

Just before reaching the trailhead, these were in evidence over the San Francisco mountains

Looking SW at the lower San Francisco Wilderness

After we had reached the truck and were busy beating feet away from the trailhead...

It was obvious why there was lightning and thunder-bumpers over the Gila Wilderness