A Hike into the San Francisco River Drainage, also the location of the SF Hot Springs (that is when the river isn't drowning the HS, as it is right now)

Getting started down the trail into the drainage

Where you first glimpse the river and that portion of the valley where the hot spring sits

This critter, with its benign looking flowers(?) is waiting to 'getcha'. Should you be stupid enough to pick up one of this innocent looking purple 'attachments', you will see what I mean. You will first note that, "Ouch, that hurts,..." then you will further notice that you have fingers full of almost invisible needles. Very similar to what you would get from insulation, only these you can just barely see. However, they are nearly as hard to get hold of to extract, as are the insulation ones.

During this year's monsoon, the San Francisco river, which hadn't run this high for a number of years, gathered up all the detritus it could find and deposited it here, creating a good impression of a dam.

On down the drainage as far as you can go without crossing the river

These are common down in the drainage. I love the purple around the edges...

On the way out I noticed how different this hillside appeared compared to the others in this area

Sally is wondering what kind of brother would drag her down here where she had to huff and puff up out of this drainage

It is impossible to take a bad picture of a flower or a rock :-)

This one looks a lot like the flower called the Trillium that we had in western Washington where we grew up