Sheridan Corrals Trail
Another hike up this drainage that I did before in February 2020. Much prettier now as the trees have leafed out. However water is much more scarce. Drought has been the order of the day
here for some time.

Heading up the trail as it circumnavigates around the hills prior to dropping into the drainage

A look back at where we came from, the valley that Glenwood, Buckhorn and Cliff sit in

A cholla just getting a good start

A view of the trail as it comes around the mountain

As noted above, water in the drainage is non-existent. It does get more common as you climb the drainage

A lot further up the drainage the flow picks up and you end up with this

Finally it gets to even having small pools

Which Maxie took full advantage of

This rock had to have fallen from high above. In more current times, it would have set off the earthquake sensors

I was fascinated by the three little knobs of new growth. The small green projections are soft and pliable now. Later: not so much

On the way out, a last shot of the valley east of the San Francisco mountains

We have trail hazards in Idaho to be sure... but nothing like this

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