Section hiking the CDT* , Hwy 81 to the 12.5mi point, back to Hachita
*Continental Divide (National Scenic) Trail

Ahhh, the beginning. Hope springs eternal. As you can see here the trail goes towards the mountains and then south along the base of the base of the Big Hatchet range.

Looking back towards the mountains to the northeast

As always, geology fascinates me. This rock is beyond explanation, at least to me

This is what the trail markers become, easy to see here, but not so functional as the desert vegetation becomes taller and more prominent

This the first day was frequently cloudy, not a good thing for adding color to photos

More of the same. And the explanation for this one would be?

The last picture for this day. Looking back over what we have accomplished today

This is fascinating. You find these chunks of what appear to be concrete in drainages all over this area. Obviously not concrete, but a combination of some sort of rock-mud-minerals that give every impression of being placed here by some erstwhile contractor

I've cleverly forgotten the name of these. This is not the usual time you see them blooming. This is not out of focus either, it just looks that way as there are so many hairs on this branch