Section hiking the CDT* , Hwy 81 to the 12.5mi point, back to Hachita
*Continental Divide (National Scenic) Trail

Morning dawns brightly. What this doesn't show is that morning is also dawning coldly!

This was the earliest of the ominous signs this day. This was during breakfast

This was a new experience in that I could see a complete semi-circle of rainbow, the picture above is the other end. What I DID NOT see in this one was the pot of gold. I could clearly see the end of the rainbow hitting the hill

I've seen barrell cactus (what I believe these are) before, but not one with babies :-)

A brief period of clear before things began to go into the tank. Note the clouds appear turbulent

Off in the distance where the road is pointing shows the rain. It only went downhill from here